Exclusive Case Draw


These remarkable luxury cases reveal new and different ways to experience the passion of snooker off the table. It was an understanding of the needs and desires of the modern snooker player that led RR Cue Cases to reshape and redefine the snooker industry with luxury accessories. Now you have an opportunity to get one for yourself for just £20!


Tickets are very limited. A live draw will take place when all tickets are sold. The winner will be notified by email or phone after the draw. If ordering from outside the UK, please use code 'DrawShippingFee' to discount any shipping that is incorrectly added. Please see the terms at the bottom of the description.


This beautiful whisky and brown 1 piece exclusive case has the unmistakable signs of a quality RR Cue Case. The signature thick case walls, flowing curved ends and superior stitching of an RR Cue Case are all reflected in this fresh exclusive design.


RR Cue Cases’ distinctive design features do not stop at the exterior. The interior of this refined case is beautifully handcrafted, too. As ever, RR Cue Cases employs only the most exquisite materials. Beautiful fine Napa leathers are carefully selected, cut and fitted to create a seamless luxury feel around your cue and all accessories. Using superior Reflex foam, your equipment is treated to the very best comfort available.


The RR logo sits proud in the centre of the inside lid – the only place you will see our logo stitched into your case – overlooking and ensuring the quality experience your equipment has on every journey when inside the case.


***Your Order will be marked as "Fulfilled" when we have confirmed your tickets and added them into the draw. This does not mean you have won the draw or a case is being sent to you.

The draw will be done on a Facebook live video when all tickets are sold.

Your ticket number is your order number. If you buy multiple tickets, your order number will be added into the draw for each ticket you purchase. If you have bought the ticket upgrade, the case personalisation will take approximately 1 month to complete before being shipped out to you.***

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