'Ghost Ball' Potting Aid


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You used to rely on 20 years of experience to be able to assess the potting angle of a ball; NOT ANYMORE!


The Ball Potting Aid is a tool that allows you to visually see where the cue ball needs to hit the object ball in order to send the object ball where you want to.

It shows you the ACTUAL aiming point in order to successfully achieve the correct line.


Used by top WPBSA World Snooker coaches including Rob Reed and Andrew Highfield for the last few years to coach many players. It has proven to help any player pot more consistently and far quicker than any other coaching technique known.


"The ball potting aids are a great help for players to learn basic potting angles. It can be used anywhere around the table and is straight forward to set up. I would recommend it to any coach as well to use to with pupils during coaching sessions."

- Andrew Highfield


Its handy credit card size allows you to carry this everywhere for those impromptu visits to the snooker, billiards or pool clubs! 


For instructions on how to create the cross hairs on the Potting Aid, visit:


For instructions on how to effectively use the Potting Aid, visit:



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