The Next Generation of Cases

RR Cue Cases had a vision of what a case should be; so built it. One of the first prototypes RR Cue Cases made was this; the Star Trek themed case.

It was made as a gift to the company founder's brother who is a Star Trek fan.

The case was closely modeled on the uniform of Commander Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The case donned the iconic Black, Red and Black uniform (albeit in leather) with the diagonal cut design at the bottom, as did the Next generation characters. The Red uniform denotes the command section of the fleet from Star Trek whereas the gold was for engineering, security, and operations; and blue for science and medical.

The case identifies with the other key characteristics of the uniform worn by Commander Riker such as the Starfleet communicator badge (or 'combadge' as it was sometimes called) on the left chest and rank insignia on the right side of the collar.

The case was presented these genuine Star Trek replica badges as a sign of it's command over other cases.

The case has been well used over the last year and a half and still looks fantastic (these pictures were taken when this article was written - after all this use).

However, most importantly, it still never fails to impress by completing it's 'primary mission' and main function of protecting the cue currently inside the case. You don't get a case as solid as an RR Cue Case!

This case has so far spent it's life serving Dan Reed in protecting his cue in The Castle Snooker Club in Brighton. He has now requested another Bespoke case from RR Cue Cases and has traded in his old RR Cue Case whilst the new case is being created in the workshop.

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