Dominic Dale and his new RR Cue Case

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

The man who knows everything about cues, cases and snooker accessories takes delivery of his new RR Cue Case in time for the 17/18 Pro Tour.

When Dominic met Rob Reed at the UK Championship in 2016, he was curious as to the case Rob was carrying around with him. This happened to be the first bespoke case Rob built that would be shown to the public. Dominic was instantly impressed by its quality and unique design.

Better Build Quality

It's made differently to other cases; but that's great because it's a lot more user friendly. You can instantly tell it's a better build quality to any other case out there.

After handling the case for mere seconds, on lookers became interested in this unique case that got product expert Dominic excited... Dominic ordered a case then and there and spent the next week working closely with Rob to get his bespoke order exactly how he wanted it.

The Finished Product

Rob personally delivered Dominic's new RR Cue Case to him at his practice room. Dominic couldn't wait to try the case out and showed everyone that came into the practice hall. He soon took the case on the professional tour and it continues to serve him well.

We wish him all the best...

“It it always a pleasure catching up with Dominic and we wish him all the best on the 17/18 tour and further into his career.”

Get Inspired

If you would like to own your own bespoke RR Cue Case, contact Rob on the website to discuss a quote.