Bespoke Cases

Bespoke cases are exactly that... bespoke.

You can design your case how you want, from the shell that you require with the layout that will suit your requirements perfectly, to the colours in the bespoke designs you can craft.

(If you want to design your own case, contact us about our 'Exclusive' Case range.)

Put those finishing personal touches on your case with your kids names, images of your first or favourite car; anything you want. If it's possible for us to do, we will make your case a reality.

If you are unsure of a design, just ask us about our design proof process. You get to see your case before it is made.

If you know roughly what colours you would like, just tell us and we will put an elegant design together for you. And, once approved by both parties, we will get to work on your luxury Bespoke RR Cue Case.



The RR seal is the only quality seal for cases that also guarantees safety of your cue. If, whilst inside your new RR Cue Case, your cue becomes damaged during the first year you have your case, we will compensate you the cost of your cue and case!

See our terms and conditions for more information.

Investment Level

As you know, here at RR Cue Cases, we create completely bespoke cases that are individually suited to your requirements and desires, therefore we cannot give a ‘standard’ price for these hand crafted cases (after all, we are not your ‘standard’ cue case company). Our Bespoke cases are around £1400 depending on what you request, and we offer easily manageable payment instalment options to suit your budget. It would be great to talk with you to discover what your requirements and desires are, and to talk about your ideas on a design, one to one.



To get the ball rolling, email or book a call with a member of our team to discuss your requirements below. Alternatively, if you have any immediate questions and it is out of hours, visit our FAQ's section to see if it has already been answered.

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